Soul Sustenance – 25/06/2013

Creating A Positive Atmosphere 

Instead of expecting external situations to always be giving some personal benefit to us, the soul should see how it could give benefit in any situation, thus creating a powerful atmosphere of benefit. Where there is expectation there is always the possibility of disappointment thus creating a negative atmosphere, but where there is an attitude of giving benefit there can never be disappointment. When the soul has the power to maintain its chosen positive experience in the mind, it generates a powerful, pure atmosphere. The more powerful the soul, and the greater the number of other souls experiencing the same, the more powerful the corresponding atmosphere.

The original nature of the soul is to be peaceful. Through Rajyoga meditation, we develop the power to maintain an experience of peace for long periods, even when speaking or performing action, and this very naturally has an effect on the immediate atmosphere wherever we may be; in a room, a office, at home or on the street. Ultimately I can influence the entire world in a positive way.


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