Murli Essence – 24/06/2013

Wisdom, the third eye of knowledge, is the basis of happiness and peace in life. 

Song: Today we people are in darkness

Blessing: May you be a constantly contented soul who remains free from illness of the body and mind with blessings and medicine.

Sometimes, even if the body is ill, your mind should not become disturbed with that illness. Constantly continue to dance in happiness
and your body will become fine. Make the body function with happiness in the mind and both exercises will then be carried out.
Happiness is the blessing and exercise is the medicine. With blessings and medicine, both your mind and body will become free from
illness. With happiness you will even forget your pain. If you want to remain constantly content with your body and mind, then do not
think too much. Time is wasted by thinking too much and your happiness disappears.
Slogan: Practise seeing the essence in the expansion and your stage will remain constantly stable.

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