Soul Sustenance – 23/06/2013

Stress Management 

Worry is triggered by any negative memory of the past. It means, you are suffering, and you are probably under the illusion (false belief) that you are enjoying your suffering. It also means you are not living now. You are missing your own life by living in your worries, which are always in the past and in the future. Your worry habit has trapped you in the past where you get the raw material for your worries, and a non-existent future, where you focus that material, and the result is you miss your life now. All this won’t change until you choose to change the worry habits that you have recorded in your consciousness (mind). That will require the removal of the illusion (false belief) that you hold inside that it’s good and necessary to worry. It’s a waste of time and energy. It means replacing the desire to create images of negative futures with positive responses to what is happening in your life right now. Otherwise your worry karma will keep you in permanent pain (sorrow).


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