Murli Essence – 21/06/2013

Essence: Sweet children, study is the means to awaken your sleeping fortune. This study is the source of income through which your fortune is awakened for 21 births.

Question: What one speciality does this spiritual college have that no other college in the world can have?

Answer: This is the only college where your guru or teacher is not a human being. Incorporeal God, Himself, becomes the Teacher and teaches you. He is such a unique Father that He doesn’t even have an image of Himself. He does not have a father or a teacher of His own. He teaches you such a study that your fortune remains awake for 21 births. In other studies you only make your fortune for one birth, whereas through this study you make your fortune for 21 births.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to make your fortune for 21 births, pay full attention to the study. Follow the elevated directions of the one Father and fill yourself with treasures.
2. Become soul conscious. Make the soul complete and pure with the pilgrimage of remembrance.

Blessing: May you be ever healthy by chasing away illnesses with happiness in your mind.

It is said: When your mind is happy, the whole world is happy, whereas when there is illness in the mind even the body becomes pale. If your mind is well, you will not then even feel any illness of the body. Even if the body is unwell, the mind is healthy because you have very good nourishment of happiness. This nourishment chases away any illness and makes you forget it. When your mind is happy, the world is happy and your life is happy and this is why you are ever healthy.

Slogan: Know the importance of time and you will become full of all treasures.


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