Murli Essence – 20/06/2013

Essence: Sweet children, just as the Father has mercy for everyone and doesn’t feel dislike for anyone, in the same way, you children, too, mustn’t dislike anyone. Become merciful.

Question: What one plan does the merciful Father have for the whole world?

Answer: To make all human souls and the elements pure from impure and give the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life is the only plan the Father has. You children are the Father’s helpers. You first have to have mercy on yourselves. Follow shrimat and make yourselves pure. Then serve to remove everyone from the rubbish of all the vices.

Essence for dharna:
1. Study very well, follow shrimat, become pure and have mercy for yourself. Never become merciless.
2. Don’t dislike anyone. Become an ocean of love, like the Father.

Blessing: May you remain ever happy and experience happiness in your life through the garden of flowers of divine virtues.

To remain constantly happy means to be full and overflowing. Previously, your life was in the forest of thorns and you have now come into the happiness of flowers. The flower garden of the flowers of divine virtues is constantly in your life now. Therefore, whoever comes into contact with you will continue to receive the fragrance of the flowers of divine virtues. Then seeing this happy state, others will also become happy and experience power. This happiness makes others powerful and brings happiness and this is why you say that you are ever happy.

Slogan: A master almighty authority is one who plays with the bubbles of Maya instead of being afraid of them.


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