Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 19/06/2013

Blessing: By making others experience “I am a soul, a sparkling jewel on the forehead” through our features that are the embodiment of remembrance, we, the souls, make them forget body consciousness, bring awareness to those who have forgotten, and become true servers…

Slogan: We, the renunciate and tapaswi children, merged in the Father’s eyes and heart, constantly remain close (paas) to Him, pass the past, and pass with honours… By considering God to be our Father, by considering ourselves to be souls, and by being in the stage of Manmanabhav, we do a lot of subtle checking…we renounce the consciousness of “mine”, remove all internal vices, old sanskars, defects, weaknesses, rubbish, and become pure, holy, supremely worthy of worship, elevated, satvik, satoguni, and satopradhan…we are Brahmins who become deities thar are full of all divine virtues, sixteen celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, the most elevated doubly non-violent human beings following the highest code of conduct…

By burning all our vices, old sanskars, weaknesses, defects, mistakes, old rubbish, in the fire of tapasya and yoga, by finishing the burdens of waste thoughts and sins with the power of yoga, by applying a full-stop to waste thoughts by applying a powerful brake, we bring perfection close…by liking solitude, by living in solitude, by stabilizing in a concentrated, economical and a constant stage of the One by focusing the mind and intellect with a determined thought, we, the true tapasvis, pass fully, and have a right to the first number kingdom…

By listening to the murli everyday, by merging it within ourselves and becoming the embodiments of it, we constantly fill our intellect with powerful thoughts, make it unadulterated and elevated and become satopradhan…
we finish the defects in others with the power of our own virtues, make the weak ones powerful, give respect to hopeless cases, and look at the young or the old, the maharathis or infantry, with respect…we are those who give regard and respect to all… we give respect to those who do not give us respect, we give destination to those who constantly reject others, and make those who defame others into ones who praise others…we are virtuous souls who garland those who defame us with garlands of virtues…

We make the effort of attaining the fortune of a kingdom in the new world on the basis of shrimat …by checking ourselves, we destroy our vices and weaknesses, look at others with a sweet vision and see only their virtues…we are Brahmins who become deities…we are gardeners who look after the saplings very well, make a fragrant garden, and earn a high income…we are the masters of Vaikunth who make effort like mamma and baba and attain a high status…



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