Murli Essence – 19/06/2013

Essence: Sweet children, the sweetest Father has come to make you sweet. You have to become as sweet as the deities and make others sweet.

Question: Which children receive the blessing of remaining constantly happy?

Answer: Those who value the jewels of knowledge. Each jewel is one that makes you a multimillionaire. You children have to imbibe these jewels and become rup and basant. If only jewels constantly continue to emerge from your lips, you can become constantly happy. The Father is pleased to see the children who become sweet and He gives them the blessing of remaining constantly happy. You children become ever-wealthy and ever-healthy through this blessing

Essence for dharna:
1. Become the sweetest like the Father. Never let bitter words emerge from your lips. Always speak sweetly.
2. Understand the value of the invaluable jewels of knowledge that the Father gives us and imbibe them very well.

Blessing: May you be a true server who becomes an embodiment of remembrance and brings awareness to those who have forgotten.

To make others into embodiments of remembrance with your features of being an embodiment of remembrance is true service. Your features should remind others: I am a soul. They should only see the soul, the sparkling jewel on the forehead. Just as when you see the jewel on the snake, your attention is not drawn to the snake, in the same way, seeing the imperishable sparkling jewel, body consciousness is forgotten and your attention is automatically drawn to the soul. Those who have forgotten are then reminded and this is known as being a true server.

Slogan: Destroy the intellect that imbibes defects and instead adopt a divine and satopradhan intellect.


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