Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 18/06/2013

Blessing: By being powerful, we, the souls, the embodiments of remembrance, consider adverse situations, test papers, or obstacles to be games and side scenes to reach the destination to be nothing new……

Slogan: We, the souls, are constant tapasvis in the ascending stage, stabilising ourselves in the position of a Godly Brahmin soul, a complete renunciate and a constant tapasvi soul…we dance in happiness and engage ourselves in service day and night… we completely lose the awareness of our body and our relations…we experience ourselves to be first class serviceable, knowledge-full and powerful souls, and others experience us to be the same…we are beyond the confusion caused by questions, corrections and quotations, and forge our connection with the one Father…

We, the souls, have the connection of the intellect with the Father and a connection with the divine family according to the code of conduct…whatever thoughts we have or actions we perform, we pay attention to correcting ourselves at every moment by being in the stage of detachment, and remain in spiritual intoxication…by maintaining a balance of being loving and detached, we earn an income and show wonders…by having equanimity we become the embodiments of success.. we are holy swans who imbibe the jewels of knowledge into our intellect and inspire others to do the same, that is, first imbibe ourselves and then tell others to imbibe…we have the power to adopt any form according to the time…we are teachers of quality who maintain a balance and become the embodiment of the teachings…

We, the souls, like the Father, are Bestowers…through the vibration of our every thought, through the spiritual glance of one second, through one second’s connection and through one word, we make any unhappy soul experiencing sorrow happy and joyful and swing with happiness…our duty is to give happiness and to receive happiness… as well as being those who receive, we are also bestowers at every second…we are world benefactors who become world emperors distributing the treasures for world benefit


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