Murli Essence – 16/06/2013

1. Only a contented soul can become a special deity for other souls.

2. Special importance of 18th January.

Blessing: May you be free from bondage and become liberated by finishing all bondages with the awareness of your original and eternal form.

The original and eternal form of the soul is liberation. You are the master. Dependence came later on and this is why you have to become free from bondage by keeping your original and eternal form in your awareness. There should be no bondage of the mind either. If there is a bondage in the mind, then that bondage will bring further bondages. To be free from bondage means to be a king, one who has a right to self-sovereignty. Only such independent souls who are free from bondage pass with honours, that is, they will come in the first division.

Slogan: To be a master remover of sorrow and transform sorrow into happiness is real service.


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