Murli Essence – 15/06/2013

Essence: Sweet children, it is the stage of retirement of all of you at this time. You now have to go back home, beyond sound. Therefore, remember the Father.

Question: What is the basis of receiving happiness for 21 births?

Answer: The devotion of 63 births. Those who did satopradhan devotion at the beginning, that is, those who are the old devotees of many births are the ones who take knowledge at this time. They are the ones who receive happiness for 21 births. Your part of devotion has now ended. God has come to give you the fruit of devotion. Devotees cannot be God.

Essence for Dharna:
1. Continue to move along with this predestined drama. Churn knowledge and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Remain constantly happy.
2. Give devotees the true introduction of God. Liberate them from wandering around. Become the arms who are Brahma’s helpers and become Godly helpers.

Blessing: May you have control over the self and be able to become rup and basant, that is, be a knowledgeable and yogi soul according to the time.

When you have control over the self you are able to become rup when you want and basant when you want. You can create both stages in a second. It should not be that you wish to become rup (embodiment of yoga) but that you instead keep remembering things of knowledge. A full stop should be applied in less than a second. The duty of a powerful brake is to function where you apply it. For this, you need to practise focusing your mind wherever you want, whenever you want. You should have such controlling and ruling powers.

Slogan: A messenger of peace is one who gives a peace prize to even those who create storms.


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