Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 12/06/2013

Blessing: We, the souls who perform actions, are karmayogis who perform actions by being yog yukt…while carrying out our tasks with our hands, while moving around in an ordinary way or even standing, we stabilize ourselves in a powerful stage…we give experience of our spiritual personality, our personality of purity, our personality of a gyani and a yogi soul from afar and automatically attract others…

Slogan: We, the great souls, fill our words with essence, diplomacy, yoga, power, love, self-respect and awareness (saar-yukt, yukti-yukt, yog-yukt, shakti-yukt, sneh-yukt, swamaan-yukt, and smriti-yukt)… with elevated and powerful thoughts, we remain constantly lost in the depths of the one Father….we are light houses and might houses whose spiritual eyes and spiritual images become divine mirrors, and enable many souls to experience their soul conscious forms and the essence of knowledge in a second…

we are the number one moths (parvaane), the light houses and might houses equal to the Flame (shama)…we adopt the form and powers that are equal to the Father’s, merge all the Father’s treasures within ourselves, that is, we merge in the Father and totally die alive…we do not have concern for ourselves, that is, we have no concern of body consciousness, of day or night, of hunger or thirst, of our own physical comforts, of rest or of anything else…we are the form of light and might, ignorant of the knowledge of desire, who die alive and are constantly merged in the love for the Flame…


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