Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 11/06/2013

Blessing: By combining service through the thoughts and words and finishing trivial things in a gathering, we, the souls, show magic… we keep our mind busy with good wishes and giving blessings and finish the fluctuations of the mind…we are never disheartened with our effort and are never afraid in a gathering…by doing service through thoughts and words simultaneously, by becoming full of this newness and speciality of fast service, we easily make the 900,000 subjects ready….

Slogan: We, the souls, have our original religion, pure action, original form and original home of silence…with the power of silence, we remain stabilised in our original qualification of being the embodiment of peace…by remaining in solitude and through concentration we attain the powers to discern and decide and find easy solutions to all problems while interacting with others and in doing anything in the name of God… with the power to accommodate and the power to face, we use both powers at the right time and experience success…by being the children of the Ocean of all divine Virtues, by having elevated dharna, and with clean, clear and transparent intellects, we become master oceans…by constantly remaining content with the self, we experience the practical fruit, the reward, the attainment of our efforts…we remain constantly cheerful by using the powers and the points of knowledge at the right time and with the right method… we are the master creators who take benefit of our creation…while using the facilities of science we let our spiritual endeavour continue and so remain uninfluenced by them…we are the constant yogis who transform any limited consciousness of “I” or “mine” into the unlimited… with an elevated stage of being incorporeal, vice less, egoless, and free from sinful thoughts, we sharpen our power of discernment…


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