Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 05/06/2013

Blessing: While living with our lokik family and doing service as a trustee, we, the souls, never have arrogance with the consciousness of “mine”, but instead, swim by having the consciousness of yours, and remain constantly contented…

Slogan: By being generous hearted in service, by using the right methods to attain success, we, the big hearted souls, are the samples and examples of making the impossible tasks possible …. by having the awareness of shrimat in our intellect at every moment we surrender from our heart….we are the truthful, honest, clear and clean-hearted, sweet, highly elevated serviceable servers, the humble instruments who perform the task of world renewal with purity and with total surrender without the consciousness of “mine” in service, by having benevolent feelings, feelings of being loving and co-operative, feelings of increasing courage and enthusiasm, feelings of being soul conscious, and the feeling of belonging and good wishes constantly for all…With the blessings received in service we remain healthy and become free of obstacles by making a timetable to keep the mind and intellect busy in service…we fly and enable others to fly on the wings of zeal, enthusiasm, co-operation and courage…we are the tension free servers who pay attention to bring about the aim we have for ourselves in service a practical…We are the complete renunciates who surrender every breath, thought, word, action, relation, all people, material possession, sanskar, nature, attitude, vision and awareness, and use them in Godly service…By becoming free from bondages ourselves, and enabling others to become free from bondages, by being free from all burdens, we create our fortune with every thought, earn an income of multimillion at every step, and become multimillion times fortunate…With a matchstick of determination, we burn the Ravan of weaknesses and celebrate the true Dashehra…by becoming victorious over any trace of the five vices and any types of attraction of the five elements, that is, victorious over these ten aspects, we the master almighty authorities celebrate the true Vijay Dashami…


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