Soul Sustenance – 04/06/2013

Comparing Atom And Atma 

The knowledge of the laws of the physical universe is based on the atomic theory. The atom is seen to be a point-source of energy, and different energy levels and vibrations between neighboring atoms give the appearance of form, color and heat. It has been established that the entire material world we see around us as a variety of forms and colors, light and heat, is formed of these point sources of physical energy or atoms. The most beautiful scene in nature is merely a pattern of energy waves and vibrations. The sense organs select the vibrations and relay a message to the mind where all images are formed. The eyes see some of these patterns as light forms and colors, the nose pick up odors. In the same way sounds, tastes and sensations are detected and all of these are transmitted to the mind.

Atomic theory appeared originally in Greece and in India. The English word atom came from the Greek word atomosmeaning indivisible. This word is similar to the Hindi word atma which means self or soul and refers to the conscious energy of the human as being an indivisible and un-destroyable point of non-physical light.

(To be continued tomorrow …)


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