Murli Essence – 04/06/2013

Essence: Sweet children, the Support of Life for all of you has come to liberate you from the suffering of sorrow caused by the demons of death. He gives you your inheritance of heaven. He is not omnipresent.

Question: Which yoga is always combined with this Raja Yoga?

Answer: Praja Yoga (subject yoga) is always combined with this Raja Yoga, because, together with the king and queen, subjects are also needed. If all became kings, over whom would they rule? All of you say that you will become emperors and empresses and that you have come here to study Raja Yoga. However, a lot of courage is needed to become kings and queens. You need to have full power. Only when you surrender yourself totally to the Father can you go into the kingdom.

Song: O Beloved, come and meet us! The unhappy heart is calling out to You…

Blessing: May you become an embodiment of success by performing every deed from amrit vela till night time according to the discipline of remembrance.

Whatever actions you perform from amrit vela until night time, perform them according to the discipline of remembrance and you will have success in every action. The greatest success of all is to experience the practical fruit in the form of supersensuous joy. You will constantly continue to move along in waves of happiness and joy. You receive this instant fruit and also the fruit in the future. The instant fruit of this time is many times more elevated than the fruit of the future births. You do something now and instantly receive its reward: this is known as instant fruit.

Slogan: Perform every action while considering yourself to be an instrument and you will remain detached and loving and there will not be any consciousness of “I”.


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