Murli Essence – 17/05/2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to become heirs, surrender yourselves, that is, become destroyers of attachment to everyone . Follow the sakar father fully.

Question: What is the way to be saved from sin and to attain blessings from many souls?

Answer: In order to be saved from sin, surrender your body, mind, and wealth, everything, to the Father. Then look after everything as a trustee. Continue to take shrimat at every step. Shrimat says: You children cannot use your money for any sinful act. To donate to sinful souls is also to become an instrument for sin being committed. Therefore, if you have wealth, open a spiritual hospital and you will receive blessings from many.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique…

Essence for dharna:

1. Even if you have sinful thoughts, you must not perform any sinful actions through your physical
senses. In order to attain the kingdom, you must definitely make a promise of purity.
2. Die alive and consider yourself to be a small child. Listen to the one Father alone and study from Him alone. Forget everything else.

Blessing: May you be a double server and a trustee who has faith in the intellect and alokik feelings for the lokik.

Some children become tired while doing service and think that so-and-so is never going to change. Do not become disheartened in this way. Have faith in the intellect and continue to move along while being detached from the consciousness of “mine”. It takes some time for some souls to finish their account of devotion. So have patience, become stable in the stage of a detached observer and continue to give souls the co-operation of peace and power. Have alokik feelings for the lokik. Be a double server and a trustee.

Slogan: To make the atmosphere elevated through your elevated attitude is real service.


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