Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 11/05/2013

Knowledge: We, the souls, the residents of the supreme abode, with the original religion of peace, and the original residents of Shivalay, sit personally in front of the Father, get proper introduction and thus know God accurately… we are students who have intoxication with the oil of knowledge, and get the know-now of becoming like Laxmi and Narayan from ordinary people…

Yog: I belong to One Shiv Baba and none other…We, the souls, make Baba belong to us, and keep the name and form of Shiv Baba alone in our intellect…by surrendering everything we have including our body and then taking care of it all as a trustee, we remove our attachment… we are Shiv Baba’s children in a practical way who attain the kingdom of heaven for 21 births…
We learn the ancient and well-known Raja Yoga of Bharat from Yogeshwar and light our lamps…we destroy our sins, settle our account of sinful actions here and claim a right to the sovereignty of the world of deities…

Dharna: By understanding that “storms” are the five vices of Maya, we, the souls, remain unconcerned, chase them away and become safe by simply making the effort to remember the Father …we look at our face in the mirror of our heart, check and change, become elevated and worthy to be the gods and goddesses of heaven, by following shrimat…

Service: We, the souls, are the spiritual guides who show the pilgrims the true place of pilgrimage… we serve with a lot of interest and adopt many different methods of doing service, like printing cards and giving everyone the introduction of the Father and His message…

Blessing: By keeping our specialties in front of us, we, the souls, have faith in ourselves, have faith that we go across by holding on to the hand of the Almighty Authority, and happily move forward…we are the victorious jewels who have faith in our intellect, faith in ourselves, faith in the Father and faith in every scene of the drama…

Slogan: Purity is reality…purity is royalty… the authority of purity is the greatest personality… purity is the foundation, the original religion and the most elevated decoration of Brahmin life… purity is the mother of peace and happiness….By making the dharma of purity our personal dharna in life, we, the souls, remain detached from limited attractions and become great…by imbibing purity, we experience super sensuous joy and sweet silence… we become great, elevated and worthy of worship by putting a full stop to thinking, seeing, speaking or doing anything wasteful, such that there is no name or trace or influence of any vice or impurity left… we are holy swans transforming wasteful into powerful, and attaining blessings and congratulations from BapDada’s heart…By tying a rakhi of purity, by taking a vow of purity, and remaining as pure as a lotus flower while on a family path, by being pure and making others pure, by keeping the vow of purity firm till the very end in this last birth, we become the masters of the pure world…. with our activities, behaviour, characters and faces, we show the royalty of purity and the sparkle of purity….by donating the five vices, by being beyond the consciousness of the body, we become soul conscious… by having accurate knowledge, accurate yoga, accurate dharna and using the right methods at the right time, we become the images of divine virtues of the Brahmin clan, and so the future princes and princesses of the sun and moon and deity dynasties


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