New Year Greetings

Lets pledge in this new year…


1. …Act in spirituality constantly and not come into extroversion.
2. …Keep the fast of remembering One and living economically.
3. …Be accurate in Yoga, Service, Shrimat and daily Routine, and not be careless.
4. …Be a Well-Wisher for all, engage in elevated thoughts, and not give or take sorrow.
5. …Remain beyond all questions and maintain a cheerful stage.
6. …Be free from attachment, subservience, and coming into influence, and stay in the royalty and personality of purity.
7. …Stay beyond the body, intellect and old sanskars.
8. …Always adorn the Shield of Humility and carry out the task of World Renewal.
9. …Being detached and free from entanglements by experiencing the stage of the Detached Observer.
10. …Liberate the self from the consciousness of “I” and “mine” with the awareness of Karavanhaar.
11. …Remain engaged in the dance of harmonizing sanskars and never come into conflict.
12. …Be victorious by staying immovable, unshakeable and stable on the rails of Drama.
13. …Experience the double-light, Carefree Emperor stage while looking after responsibilities.

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