When God is my Companion…

I am drawn beyond, into silence

It is easy for me to be soul conscious, be free from attachment and to maintain self-respect

I become incorporeal, egoless and viceless

The consciousness of “I and mine” melts away

I become a conqueror of the senses, the mind and the world, Maya and the elements

My karma changes

My sins are absolved

I become free from compulsion and become strong

I become free from the suffering of karma

My sanskars become elevated and my fortune bright

My account of charity increases

The lock on my intellect opens, I become free from bondage, a conqueror of Maya, flexible, an all-rounder

I become an easy effort-maker and a destroyer of attachment

I easily become one who is ignorant of the knowledge of desire

Success comes to me

I am able to maintain my original stage in adverse situations

My stage is unshakeable and immovable

I remain free from worry and a carefree emperor

I have no tension but pay full attention

A situation as big as a mountain becomes like a mustard seed and cotton wool

No obstacle attacks me, but salutes me

I am able to be liberated in life

Success is guaranteed in every task

I become an embodiment of total success

At every step …

I experience His company at every step

I experience the happiness of all relationships

I become an embodiment of authority, an image of all experiences, a combined form

I receive light and might and have a right

The intellect transforms

I develop a planning intellect and never confused

I am able to discern between wrong and right

I develop reality and royalty, touching power and catching power

My intellect is a refined, clean and swan intellect

I am an ignited light and an embodiment of power

I become trinetri, trilokinath and trikaldarshi

My life becomes simple and a sample and is filled with spiritual strength

I naturally have honesty and cleanliness

I am able to make everyone content

I become the most elevated by following the highest code of conduct

I become a guard of my virtues, lovely and lucky.

Relationships becomes rich

I am easily able to harmonise sanskars with others

I am able to become virtuous with a vision that only sees virtues

My heart becomes big and unlimited and I have regard for every soul

I become full of good wishes and pure feelings

It becomes easy to give and receive blessings

I become a master leader of one who has mercy for all

It becomes easy to uplift those who defame me

I am easily able to forgive every soul and recognise my own weaknesses

I become valuable for the world

I become a master remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness,

I become a donor, a bestower of blessings and a great donor

I become complete with 8 powers and all virtues, merciful and compassionate like the World Mother and World Father, a master of the self, a self-sovereign, a messenger of peace, loving and detached like a lotus flower, a spiritual rose, a stick for the blind, source of inspiration for others and a hero actor

I become an instrument

My life is protected and is useful for God

I am able to have the consciousness of being an instrument

I become an instrument to create an elevated world

My very breath, every second, every moment and every thoughts is used in a worthwhile way

I am the richest in the world

I become a true Meera of Murlidhar and praise-worthy, respect-worthy and worship-worthy

I become one who is constantly “wed”, a mahavir, an authority of true knowledge, a master almighty authority

I become one who is richest in the world

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